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We help Increase Business ROI in Orlando, Florida. We’re here to help you succeed by boosting Sales of your Products & Services.

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Have you Ever wondered why your direct mail campaign is not yielding profits?
Do you know why people hate Direct Mail?
The reason is that, your direct mail piece lands in the trash can because it is considered Junk mail by recipients who may never even open your mail or look at it. It looks like advertising and people hate advertising. This causes losses to your business.
Do you really need a positive change in your business profits? Do you want to sell more, reach more potential customers, while spending less? 

iPromosMedia LLC is the Publisher of iPromo News; Our Free Monthly Coupons Newspaper in Orlando, Florida; the Premium Platform to DOUBLE your Sales. Ad spaces on our newspaper starts from $50 per month. Its distributed by Direct Mail to the target Homeowners

Do you know our secret?
We add more values to your Ad by publishing an Advertorial or sponsored article about the benefits of your products or services to your potential customers and then place your ads under the advertorial. So the customer sees the advertorial first, and then your ad.
This makes the customer to contact you with curiosity either by phone or website.

Why chose i-promo news?
We help your business with sponsored articles written by you and us, about your expertise, and your products benefits to potential customers. We place your ad after the article. This prevents your ad from looking like an ad, but like a resource. People hate salesmen and advertising, because they do not want to spend their money. But if you tell them about what they will benefit from your products or services, they will become curious about your products and services and make a choice that will favor you.

How do you monitor your campaign responses?
We have a solution to that, by providing tracking numbers: including local, toll-free, vanity numbers to Annual subscribers.

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These are the steps you need to take to brace up for the sales boost

Offer a Coupon

Offer you customers a timed coupon to drive sales to your products and services. This should bring down your price below market competition

Free Samples

Want to Dominate your niche? Offer your customers a Free sample of your products and services, if you are sure of your products.


Start a timed Buy-One-Get-One-Free Promo. This will madly drive sales to your products and make you dominate the market

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Free Shipping

Offer your customers a timed Free-Shipping for products and your sales will fly i.e if you are not already.

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